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Coolababy Cloth Diapers In Bulk


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New Born One Size

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One Size Cloth Diaper
Cloth Diaper Accessory

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  • About Coolababy

    Our company is committed to produce high quality diapering products to environmentally friendly households. We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim to be a trustworthy name in baby products.As we know, using cloth diapers is easy and helps save the environment.Cloth diapers aslo benefit to your babys,save money in the long run ,as they can be laundered and reused for many years.If you are looking for high quality baby products, You'll find the finest baby products at great price while providing exceptional customer service at

  • Why Cloth Diaper?

    Cloth diapers save your family money. You can cloth diaper for as little as $50-100 with our budget friendly cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and can be reused for multiple children. Cloth diapers can even be resold once your child is potty trained saving you even more money.

  • Coolababy Cloth Diaper Type

    Coolababy had designed several cloth diaper type to fit different baby's demand. New born one size is desighned for baby under 8 months ,smaller than normal one size. And normal one size is designed baby over 8 months.Pull up trainging pant is designed for potty training. Diaper cover is designed for mom to add inserts or wipe by themself.